JP Burlock

Portfolio Manager


As an experienced advisor, JP offers his clients a variety of financial planning services including investment advice, retirement planning, professional incorporation, tax efficiency and wealth protection.

As part of the Private Investment Management Group (PIMG) at Raymond James, JP holds the title Portfolio Manager. The portfolio manager role is reserved for those advisors who have attained the highest professional standards of training and expertise in the financial industry.

As a portfolio manager, JP does extensive research prior to recommending a stock purchase. He looks beyond the financial statements to the stories behind the companies; What is the history of the company’s founder? Why would one company be a better investment choice than another in the same industry? What factors influence this product or service? Will those factors stand the test of time? These are the questions JP likes to find the answers to.

Easy to get along with, JP offers his services to a diverse set of clients. Previously, JP worked for an investment management firm specializing in planning services for physicians and their families in the areas of London, Grand Bend and St. Thomas.