Medical Professionals

You can rely on us to provide customized guidance to manage and protect the wealth you've worked so hard for.

As a physician, your position carries with it a wealth of financial opportunities. But along with this opportunity, come added challenges and unique needs. Moreover, your needs will continue to evolve as your career progresses.

We understand the unique financial issues you deal with as physicians because we have developed specific expertise in dealing with physicians and their families at all stages in your career – from medical school all the way to post-retirement.

For medical students, residents and newly practising physicians, click here to request a copy of our Toolkit for MDs, a fantastic financial resource as you transition fully into your career.


  • 12%

    of doctors are over 65 years old.

    Source: CBC - 'More Doctors Keep Working After Retirement Age' April 2011

  • More than


    of Canadian physicians are incorporated, which has some tax advantages, such as lower taxes, income splitting (paying a salary to a spouse, for example), and deferring tax payments by holding money in the corporation.

    Source: The Globe and Mail, 2014

Let’s work together, along with your other team of professionals, to create, implement and manage a plan focussed on your needs today and as they evolve in the future.